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It's about to get Real

August 01, 2017 by

SHKI directors Rory Rossman and Bill Yerges are giddy with excitement, as they are preparing for their first joint hunt into the Colorado Rockies.  It will be an excursion like no other, as they pack into the mountains on horseback to a drop camp!  From there, they will daily ascend into the mountains - via horseback- for a daily hunt, for a week!  

So what will safety look like?  No elevated stands, no risk for falling (unless Rory falls off his horse).  What about elevation sickness?  First aid options?  Eye injuries while riding into the mountains on horseback in the dark?  Slipping on the foothills?

Safety will always be on the for-front of our mission- whether we are chasing whitetails in Wisconsin or listening for the bugel of a Bull in Colorado.

But even more exciting that the Elk hunt this fall, will be the 2017 Youth Hunt Give Away... check out the scholarship page for more info!