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Fall Down

April 10, 2014 by

Yep this totally happened - my Muddy Safeguard saved MY LIFE this morning! This is not a joke!!!!! 

With my lavida loca schedule I don't always get a chance to hang my own sets or check over what is in place. This morning in the dark I climbed into an older double ladder stand. In the dark I literally debated if 'strapping' in was really necessary in a ladder stand. (Haven't we all?) God whispered to my gut, really? Why not you have what you need right here. So I did.

Sitting in the darki checked a few tweets passing time to daylight. Chris Brackett had one about make sure to remember safety this weekend. I responded, 'Check.'  

About two hours into my sit, the ladder below buckles and in an instant I am snapped to the end of my tether. I slam into the rail and grab onto my bow, dangling by my Safeguard. 

A lot of you know I take care of everything Muddy, this isn't a marketing thing. I literally saved myself today by listening to him and by choosing to take that one extra step. 

I am going to hug my family to pieces when I get home tonight.#thankingGodforhisgraceandeisdominmylife

I love my Safeguard always have. But no matter what you wear - Wear a harness!!!!

The pics were taken by me and my buddy when I called him to come help my butt. I am smiling cause I can not believe it happened to me!!!