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About Safe Kids Harness Initiative Ltd. (SKHI)

Intro text

The body and mission of SKHI was developed in the fall of 2011, when founder (Bill Yerges) working as a Registered Nurse at one of Wisconsin's Level 1 Trauma Centeres, received notification of a patient arriving. A call from dispatch regarding a "tree stand" fall involving a 13 year old alerted the staff to the arrival of what would be a life changing injury.

As the story unfolded, heartbreak ensued and Yerges, an avid hunter, archer, and nurse felt compelled to do more. After engaging with local organizations and certifying as an IHEA Educator for the Wisconsin DNR, wheels began turning on how to improve the culture of safety among our youth. SKHI is the result of those efforts.

SKHI | General Information

  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
  • Aimed at improving the culture of Safe Tree Stand Hunting through:
    • Education
    • Research
    • Legislative processes
    • Providing low cost/high quality safety harnesses to new Hunter Education Graduates
  • Engaged in:
    • Local Education
    • Fund Raising
    • Public Safety
    • Awareness
    • Scholarship