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Safe Kids Harness Initiative Ltd. (SKHI)

Treestands are one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the hunting world today. Regardless of type, be it a fixed position tree stand, a ladder stand, or a climber, we hunters love to get off the ground and above our quarry. However, tree stands can be dangerous if they are used incorrectly, carelessly, or without the proper safety equipment. Nationally, one in three hunters will suffer a fall from a tree stand. Many of these falls are debilitating or even deadly! Every fall from a Treestand can be prevented!

Educating Hunters Safety | Tree Stand Harness

The simplest method of preventing debilitating fall injuries is through harness education, tree stand safety and through providing low-cost safety harnesses. Safe Kids Harness Initiative, Ltd. ("SKHI") aims to do exactly that. SKHI will focus on getting young hunters into safety harnesses. Much like the progression of the car seatbelt education program of the 1970's, SKHI will focus on the safety of young hunters, with the goal of changing the culture of hunting safety over time. If SKHI is able to instill the use of safety harnesses in young hunters, over time, the use of safety harnesses will become the norm. SKHI is expecting adult hunting mentors to want to protect young hunters, who might also encourage adult hunters to protect themselves with safety harnesses. Most importantly, as a generation of young hunters matures, they will take it for granted that safety harnesses should be worn in tree stands, and will require it of their hunting mates. It is a goal of SKHI that the culture of hunting will evolve to require the use of safety harnesses, much like car seat-belts today.